We report our sustainability performance and progress against benchmarks and commitments.

We actively integrate the most up-to-date sustainability standards into our business processes across our operations, adhering to international standards and methodologies. We provide full reports and other reporting documentation because transparency, trust and reliability are important to us.

Sustainably securing our strategic pillars

We have established clear commitments with respect to our sustainability performance. These are linked with our business priorities and form part of our overall strategic framework, while focusing on our people who remain the most important pillar to Coca‑Cola HBC’s sustainable growth.

Our people

Our people are fundamental to our company's sustainable growth. Providing a healthy and safe workplace, developing capabilities and providing opportunities for growth are key to sustaining a high performance work force.

Customer preference

Maintaining and enhancing the reputation of our company and brands by engaging with and investing in our communities and continuously reducing our impacts on the environment.

Consumer relevance

Providing our consumers with a range of high-quality and safe alcohol-free beverage options to support informed choices and healthy lifestyles. 

Customer preference

Building and maintaining enduring partnerships with our customers by delivering against their expectations, creating joint value and becoming their preferred beverage supplier.

Cost leadership

Establishing a company culture of employees who, acting as owners, seek opportunities to drive efficiencies, leverage standardisation, reduce complexity and decrease cost to support business growth.