Why Work with Coca-Cola HBC Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova?

Why work with Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova?

At Coca‑Cola HBC, customers are central to the way we do business.

Customer preference is a core value of our business. For us, it means building true partnerships that create sustainable value and profitable growth for both our business and our customers, across all key channels.

Our customers include hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, kiosks, petrol stations, cinemas, leisure parks, hotels, restaurants and cafés, among others. 

By finding new ways to win together in the marketplace, we aim to be the preferred supplier to all of our customers. To achieve this, we’ve adopted a comprehensive set of initiatives designed to build collaborative customer relationships and ensure excellent execution.

Excellence in marketplace execution

Our blueprint for ensuring ongoing consumer relevance and excellence in the marketplace focuses on five core principles:

  • Availability Placing our products within easy reach of consumers in the right package, in the right location, at the right time
  • Affordability Offering a wide variety of desirable, premium quality products, in packages appropriate for the occasion, at the right price
  • Acceptability Supplying an extensive and growing range of products that meet the highest quality standards in each country, enhancing their acceptability to consumers. Our experience in quality control, customer service and efficient distribution, combined with a detailed understanding of consumer needs and access to the most effective communications channels, allows us to reach out to customers and consumers in each of our markets and meet their demands. 
  • Activation Motivating consumers to choose our products by improving product availability and attractiveness at the point of purchase and by building brand strength in our local markets
  • Attitude  How our sales representatives and people behave every day with our customers as they focus on meeting their needs – we want to be their supplier of choice. For key retail customers, we’ve also introduced the idea of joint value creation, built on the understanding that soft drinks offer significant growth not only for us, but for them too
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Portfolio and channel segmentation

Our OBPPC (Occasion, Brand, Package, Price and Channel) strategy offers people the right product, in the right pack, at the right price to suit the occasion.

We’ve established clear category and brand priorities, offering consumers the right product, in the right pack, at the right price to suit the occasion: we call this our OBPPC (Occasion, Brand, Package, Price and Channel) strategy. 

Well-executed OBPPC strategies mean that we have an offering to suit every shopper’s need. This, in turn, helps us to capture people’s disposable income faster than our competitors. Being innovative around the occasions when people enjoy our brands allows us to tap into less price-oriented shopping trips, so growing our revenue ahead of volume.


Coca‑Cola HBC provides a variety of products to match shopper needs in every channel and for every occasion. We make sure that we link our brands and packs to the most relevant occasions to drive incremental transactions. For instance, for sparkling soft drinks our major focus is on the 'with food' occasion for both our single-serve and multi-serve packs.


We offer consumers a broad choice of brands in different categories. People can choose from sparkling brands, such as the legendary Coca‑Cola and other popular brands like Sprite and Fanta. We also offer a choice between sugared, "low sugar" and "sugar-free" sparkling soft drinks. For those who prefer non-sparkling soft drinks, we offer a full range of still drinks such as juices, iced tea, energy and sports drinks, water and coffee.


Our products come in an increasingly diverse range of packaging which is designed to reflect today’s diverse lifestyles. Our packaging is closely linked with the occasions when products are consumed. We offer beverages in small cans and PET bottles for people on the go, while family multi-packs help people celebrate special occasions at home. Premium consumers will enjoy the feel of our glass packaging at hotels, restaurants and cafes.


Affordability considerations are key in our offer. We operate in a territory with a population of over approximately 595 million people across emerging, developing and established markets. Each market is different, with varying income per capita and lifestyles. Our ambition is to match our offer to different consumer needs and opportunities.


Huge hypermarket, discounter, restaurant or the small convenience store next door – we have the right product range for every channel. Our rich knowledge of shopping patterns lets us understand different shoppers’ motivations across different channels. As a result of this, and our longstanding cooperation with different customers, we’ve designed our portfolio so that our customers are satisfied by having the right product range people are looking for in their outlets.