Plant Profile

Plant profile

Ensuring high quality and safety of our products is most important for our business. It means that our plant – one of the most modern and most powerful Сoca-Cola plants in Europe – meets the highest Ukrainian and world quality standards.
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To ensure such consistency and reliability, we also comply with the corporate standards KORE. It is the integrated quality management program, which holds all of our operations systemwide to the same standards for production and distribution of our beverages.

Setting annual goals for quality and safety of food products at all technological processes provides continual improvement and compliance with all the standards. Monitoring of product quality and package quality indeces is one of the elements of quality management system.

Water sources

The plant sources water from the Senoman and Jurassic wells to produce our beverages. We have taken strict measures to protect the sources in order to assure the high quality of our products. The depth of the wells, 220 and 390 meter respectively, ensures the absence of any negative human impact and at surface level solid building have been constructed to offer protection. The surrounding area is protected by a fence and monitored through constant video surveillance.

All water used in our beverages complies, and in some case is even higher than the standards set by the World Health Organization and the Ukrainian legislation.

Independently selected samples are taken from stores on a monthly basis and tested in a specialised Coca‑Cola laboratory in India for compliance with the Company quality standards.

The program of annual water examination is conducted in the independent laboratory ocompany annually conducts audit for compliance with ISO 9001, PAS 223, FSSC 22000.f SGS Institut Fresenius, German.

 Besides, company requires its suppliers to follow the same requirements towards quality and food safety. Control over materials and services they provide is carried out through audits and incoming goods inspection.

 International audit company annually conducts audit for compliance with ISO 9001, PAS 223, FSSC 22000.