Juice and juice drinks

We offer a range of fruit and fruit-based drinks in a variety of flavours and convenient packages, providing people with multiple options, whatever their individual preferences are. Fruit juices and fruit drinks provide vitamins and nutrition as well as the liquid needed to keep hydrated and sustain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Our range of fruit drinks can be categorised as:

  • 100% juice, obtained by pressing the fruit/vegetables, with any vitamin content lost during processing restored
  • Nectars, a juice or a juice pulp to which water and varying amounts of sugar (depending on the fruit involved) are added 
  • Juice drinks, soft drinks that contain less quantities of juice than Nectars (on average, between 5 to 12 percent), such as Lemonades, Pulpy, Joy.
  • Smoothies/Puree  

We are also focused on expanding our upper mainstream and premium offerings in the juice category. Within juice, we focus on product stratification to capture premium revenue opportunities. In Russia, where our juice business represents a considerable proportion of our portfolio, we have a track record of continuous innovation, which supports higher price points and increased revenue per case.

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