We offer a great range of water brands, giving our customers plenty of choice.

Water is vital to the health of us all. It’s a safe and enjoyable way of getting the refreshment and hydration we need to lead a healthy and well-balanced life. Our range of high-quality, pleasantly flavoured waters means that everyone can find a brand that both suits their lifestyle and contributes to their wellbeing.


Water BonAqua comes from the Earth depths. It comes from the Cenomanian and Jurassic aquatic horizons, depth of 220 and 380 meters relatively. These horizons were formed hundreds of millions years ago. Compact layers of terrestrial rock still reliably protect such water from external influences.

From production to bottling, BonAqua goes through mechanical filtration only. Its natural mineral assemblage remains unchanged, which means that each bottle BonAqua contains the original energy of nature.

The new BonAqua bottle has unique lighter design that contains 20% less plastic:

  • Using fewer plastic offers significant savings of natural resources
  • It is easy to twist the new BonAqua bottles — so it is much easier to recycle them
  • Due to plastic production reduction reducing of CO2 emissions is equal to the number of cars on the roads in 100 000 year reducing.
Water BonAqua
"...touch of silky, delicate moisture that gives a feeling of freshness and vitality... A noble character of BonAqua can be described as mild and understated with pleasant freshness. This water is a great accompaniment for a variety of situations — daily use at home or at work..." The first European water sommelier Arno Steguweit about BonAqua


In Moldova we sell mineral water Dorna and Dorna-Izvorul Alb. Dorna water has its source in the Eastern Carpathians, in an ecologically protected area in Vatra Dornei.

Starting from the heart of nature, Dorna brings #NatureWhereYouDonotExpect to its packs and even to the city crowd. The innovation of PlantBottle ™ comes from the fact that it is less dependent on non-renewable resources compared to classic packaging and reduces carbon emissions considerably.

The main difference between PlantBottle ™ and traditional PET packaging consists of materials used to manufacture the container. Classic PET packaging is made of fossil fuels, such as oil, while PlantBottle ™ packages are made from a combination of classical materials and up to 30% of herbal content. In PlantBottle ™, some of the classic petroleum-based components have been replaced with sugar cane.

PlantBottle ™ packaging looks and behaves exactly like classic PET, but has a much lower footprint on the environment and resources, and is 100% recyclable.

  • Dorna Izvorul Alb - Dorna non-carbonated natural mineral water is suitable for the preparation of baby food and for low-sodium diets.
  • Dorna Poiana Vinului - Natural carbonated mineral water. It is not recommended to use carbonated water in baby food or to rebuild milk.
Water Dorna