Sparkling drinks

Sparkling beverages, such as the brands Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola Zero, Sprite, Schweppes and Fanta, are part of the traditional range of drinks offered by Coca‑Cola HBC Ukraine & Moldova.

We offer people new and appealing combinations of flavours and a broad choice between drinks according to their needs.

Girl with a Coca-Cola bottle

Our sparkling portfolio also includes low sugar and sugar-free drinks. Available in a range of packaging designed to match today’s diverse lifestyles, these drinks offer a perfect solution for refreshment, additional energy and hydration.

Coca-Cola with ice

About the bubbles

The bubbles that characterise sparkling drinks are added through a carbonation method that duplicates the natural processes that produce the same effect in some mineral and spring waters.

This involves introducing carbon dioxide (CO2), a harmless, odourless and colourless gas, which is present in the atmosphere.

The sound we hear when we open a sparkling drink is actually the sound of carbon dioxide released in the form of bubbles.

People across our markets enjoy our sparkling soft drinks brands. They're looking for interesting, flavourful, refreshing drinks which will also keep them hydrated so they can sustain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.