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Coca-Cola Classic

Coca‑Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world. Icy cold, it’s always there for you to quench your thirst, get positive and offer irreplaceable pleasure to the senses.

Coca‑Cola Zero

Real Coke taste with zero sugar. Coca‑Cola Zero is the ideal choice for daring and self-confident people looking to get the most out of their lives and who believe that goals are achievable when everyone else considers them to be impossible.



The seductive orange taste of Fanta reveals the individuality and optimism of those who drink it. People who choose Fanta don't need to be prompted, they get the world going themselves! Now with a new twisted bottle.


Sprite's unique combination of lemon and lime is a formula for optimum summer refreshment for young people who follow their instincts.


An inimitable and sophisticated sparkling drink delivering stylish refreshment. Schweppes Tonic gets its taste from exotic fruit aromas, while a special preparation method and aromatic oil of lemon rind and pulp give Bitter Lemon planetary reconcilability. Also we have Classic Mojito and Pink Grapefruit.


Rich offers a premium quality that suits independent, active people striving for success and pleasure in life. The range of Rich juices and nectars includes a variety of flavours: Exotic, Apple, Orange, Tomato, Peach, Cherry, Grapefruit and Cranberries Mors.

Cappy Pulpy (in Moldova)

Cappy Pulpy gives consumers a truly original taste experience, being an intensely refreshing product, due to the preservation of the characteristics of the fruit pulp.


The most popular and bestselling ice tea in our market. FUZE TEA is a perfect combination of tea extract and delicious fruit juice.


Burn is an energy drink made for people, who actively use and realize their passions every day.

Burn evolves around electronic music and street culture and is chosen by white collar fans. This sparkling energy drink contains caffeine, taurine, guarana extract, inositol and B vitamins.

Each package provides comprehensive information on the ingredients and the nutritional values.

BonAqua (in Ukraine)

BonAqua a natural mineral water, which is sourced from underground springs, is naturally pure and does not require treatments. Water BonAqua comes from the Cenomanian and Jurassic aquatic horizons, depth of 220 and 380 meters relatively.