Four influential employer branding rankings were published in Ukraine and one – in Moldova at the year-end. Each of them recognized the efforts Coca‑Cola HBC is taking to create the best workplace.

Coca‑Cola HBC in TOP-10 Employers

KyivPost newspaper, the leading English-language media in Ukraine, that ranked Coca‑Cola HBC in TOP-10 Employers of Choice. It identified best employers in a survey in partnership of Ernst & Young, and the key criteria were: employees training and development; compensations and benefits; working environment; stability of operations.

Focus Magazine

Focus Magazine, a Ukrainian analytical weekly and online resource, that ranked Coca‑Cola HBC in TOP-3 Employers of Choice. This ranking reviewed nearly 140 largest companies in Ukraine taking into account their annual turnover, taxes paid and leadership positions in respective industries and various media rankings. The voting was conducted in two stages. At the first one, over 500 students in leading Ukrainian universities were interviewed. At the second stage, 5,000 readers of the magazine voted via platform. In the result, top-three leaders in each industry were identified.

Business Magazine

Business Magazine, a Ukrainian business weekly, conducted its survey of employers in partnership with the HR Managers Association of Ukraine. The market experts and readers of the magazine evaluated which projects had the largest impact in the country, who was setting the trends and what to expect in the future, thus defined the winners in key nominations. Coca‑Cola HBC was top-listed in three nominations:

  • the best international experience (#2),
  • the employer of choice (#4),
  • and the best social program (#1).

It is worth mentioning that our Youth Development Program for the unprivileged children was the one that won and placed Coca‑Cola #1 in this nomination.

Cola HBC in Ukraine was ranked #3 in FMCG category and entered top-20 employers in Ukraine overall.

Coca‑Cola the Best employer in Moldova

In Moldova, Axa Management Consulting surveyed 48 companies working in the country to identify top 10 companies to work for. This survey evaluated the companies in five key areas: working conditions, salary & benefits, opportunities for development, collaborating the company, structure and future perspective. The status of the Employer of Choice in Moldova Coca‑Cola received for the second consecutive year!