Kyiv, November 22, 2017 – A presentation of a pilot project on the separate collection of household waste was presented to the Kyiv Region in Vyshhorod with the participation of local authorities and representatives of the Ukrainian Packaging and Ecological Coalition (UKRPEK).

A project of separate collection of household waste in Ukraine

The participants of the event were able not only to hear about the principles and benefits of the new project, but also to see the process of collecting and disposing of waste directly from the streets of the city.



"World experience says that the optimal solution is the separate collection of household wastes with their further processing or eco-disposal. That is why we responded to the proposal of the Ukrainian Packaging and Environmental Coalition. The memorandum from UKRPEK was signed in August. The document was approved at the session of the Vyshgorod City Council" Oleksiy Momot, mayor of the city

The essence of the project is that since November of this year we offer the city residents additional trash can (free of charge) for which they can pack waste and other secondary raw materials: glass, plastic, polyethylene, paste, paper and cardboard, cardboard packaging, packaging and etc. The contents of these bright yellow containers are sent to sorting and further processing.


"While Ukrainian landfills suffer from a load, processors are forced to buy secondary raw materials abroad. Irresponsible domestic waste management creates problems in two directions: environmental and economic. We have to change it using the experience of other countries" said Volodymyr Slaby, chairman of the Board of the UKRPEC.

According to him, the project's investors are the members of the Coalition, among them Coca‑Cola Beverages Ukraine.

"UKRPEC provides funding for collection infrastructure (purchasing containers), removal and sorting of packaging waste, organizes an educational and information company among the population", added Mr. Slaby.

It should be noted that, at the first stage of the project implementation, residents are asked to split the waste into those that are to be processed and which are to be buried. However, in the future, the number and type of containers will increase according to different fractions and types of waste.

The memorandum between UKRPEC and the city authorities stipulates that the result of the project in 2020 should be the index of sorting and recycling of packaging waste in the amount of not less than 50% of the amount of relevant waste in the territory of the experiment. In addition, the city authorities, which assumed organizational and communication functions, should in the coming years ensure public awareness of a separate collection of waste at the level of up to 90%.