By the numbers

The Coca‑Cola System in Ukraine invests not only into production, distribution, marketing and energy efficiency — not only into the business processes. It also invests into social projects and makes its own contribution into the development of the country and its society.

The Coca‑Cola System promotes Ukraine’s economic success and community engagement, supports those factors and trends that serve the common good. What exactly is this contribution today? How can it be measured? The Coca‑Cola System together with GfK Ukraine conducted an extensive study evaluating the results of The Coca‑Cola System’s activity in 2018, which provided answers to these questions.

Each hryvnia of the Coca‑Cola System contribution to gross domestic product in 2018 created 


additional hryvnias to Ukrainian GDP

6.2 billion

hryvnias which corresponds to 0.18% of GDP

This volume of product has made possible by the Coca‑Cola System investments: in general, the direct investments of the Coca‑Cola in Ukraine reached


which is 1% of all direct investments in Ukraine at the end 2018


of the cost of Ukrainian exports of the soft beverages, waters and juices


1 work place at the Coca‑Cola System supports 19 work places in the economy of Ukraine


increase of production volume

90 000



graduates from 15 boarding schools

within the #Youthempowered Program